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Summa Summa Summatime! No time for Sitting back and not doing Cardio!

If you are off season, or peak season, it's the season for hitting the gym hard. The hard bodies are coming out on the beach and pool. Nights out with the fellas or your girls, cause we are back to normal.

What comes to mind when thinking of summer season and the best way to get lean? Cardio! At home or in the gym, Cardio seems to be the hardest thing to do, but so good for you! Listen, the dang thing is hard no matter how you slice it. So why not make it fun somehow? Here are a few ways to make cardio fun.

We all remember back in the day we used to double dutch or try 'double unders' and try our hardest to keep it going while having a 'Guinness World Record' championship with our friends and siblings. Skipping rope is such good fun in adult life. Your heart is working hard, you're breaking a sweat, and you're laughing along the way, which makes it enjoyable. Try it!

Dancing is another great cardio sesh that you didn't know you needed. You won't know how much time has past when you are sweating your ass off to the latest dance beat, trying to emulate the latest Tik Tok dance trend, Zumba, or dancing to the 8's, cause dancing is life! 

Oh ok, so you hardcore, you say. The treadmill will always be there, but so will the empty streets at 6am before the hot summer sun comes up. So is a good spin around the neighborhood, or a challenging spin class. Just remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

No matter how you burn those calories to get lean, eat right, drink a sufficient amount of fluid, and get rest, and get your regular check ups. Your body will thank you for it :)



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